Eggvids are simple, catchy videos that explain complicated stuff.

We have made several videos as part of our change management work (see below). As reaction to them has been good…

“A work of considerable genius” – Tom Loosemore of GDS on the Gubbins of Government

…we thought we would start an off-shooty thing, market it separately and see what happens.

Mark Hainge of Clarity Expressed is our man on the case.

Half a dozen Eggvids?

Our videos

Gubbins of Government

A video made to explain the changes to the mechanics of government services implicit the current government IT reforms.

G-Cloud in 60 seconds

About the Cabinet Office cloud services procurement framework and the programme creating it.

The future of local government services

An explanation of how technology might enable more effective local government services in the future.

Prototype showreel

After no little larking around – and dozens of takes experimenting with ludicrous Australian accents – we came up with this prototype showreel.