New thinking and sleeves-rolled-up help to implement the Cabinet Office’s IT reform agenda within government organisations

The Cabinet Office is implementing a fundamental reform of Government IT (which we summarised in this video…)

The success of this reform rests critically on developing a new culture of technology-enabled change. The traditional public sector programme approach, weighed down by process and inappropriate governance, often has not delivered what is needed. Much needs to change.

The Government Digital Service – who are leading the way on transforming the delivery of services to the citizen – are an inspiration for this new culture. Set up from scratch in little more than a year, they have shown how successful it can be. Other Departments are beginning to follow; but, unlike GDS, they start with considerable legacies of technology, contracts and ways of working; change will be hard.

Few in Government have worked in such cultures: even fewer have experience of establishing them. It’s a particularly tough job and there are significant organisational and behavioural challenges to be dealt with.

We have long and real experience of helping managers in Government handle this kind of change. We may be able to help you.


Selected services

Effective Programmes

Define and implement effective technology-enabled change programmes that the Cabinet Office will approve of.

Transformation Strategy

Deal with complexity by shifting from traditional linear change strategies to incremental, transformational ones.

Explainer Videos

Make simple, catchy videos that explain complicated stuff.

Justify plans

Justify approaches and write business cases for incremental (or ‘agile’) change programmes that will pass Gateway assessment.

Culture change

Take pragmatic steps towards new behaviours that will lead to more effective working cultures in the future.


Lay the foundation of radically more effective working practices using collaborative digital technologies.

Join new with old

Tackle the very tough issues of making new ways of working and new technologies mesh with existing ones.

Interactive events

Run events that connect people, create conversation and promote change.

Agile governance

Establish the mechanisms and mindset of the governance appropriate for agile delivery.

Full list of services

Case Studies

Cross-government Collaboration
We were the driving force behind a successful initiative to develop better collaborative working across ten UK Government departments. The initiative followed the failure of an earlier large-scale attempt to solve the problem of collaboration and knowledge-sharing across departments in a complex security environment… more>
Organisation-wide agile working
G-Cloud 'Propagation Strategy'


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